Today is April 26, 2018 -

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Membership/Kadima VP

Hey CRUSY! My name is Joseph Finkelstein and I am your 2017-2018 Regional Membership/Kadima VP. I am unbelievably excited and priveleged to be working for all of the Central Region in redefining our position as the best region in USY. I am from BSUSY one of the chapters from Pittsburgh, PA.

When i am not out trying to get new members for USY, you could probably find me biking, listening to music, rowing, or hanging out with my friends.

I can not wait to work with all of you to help regrow this region. CRUSY was once one of the strongest regions in USY and has lost some ground as of late. I am hoping to turn this around, and will do the best of my ability to keep this promise. I am so excited for this programming year with all of you.

Joseph Finkelstein