Today is August 19, 2018 -

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Membership/Kadima VP

Brooke Goldwasser

Hey CRUSY! My name is Brooke Goldwasser and I am serving as your 2017-2018 Regional Membership/Kadima VP. I am absolutely ecstatic and privileged to have the opportunity to perpetrate and guide our region to amazing new heights. I’m from the best chapter AIUSY, chapter in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When I am not attracting new members in for USY, you could find me playing my alto saxophone, at the gym, binge watching netflix, laying in my hammock listening to music, or hanging out with my friends.

I cannot wait to work with all of you to see how we can regrow and prosper our region. CRUSY has one of the strongest bond and communities I know, and I know with all of your help and encouragement, together we can do great things.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, suggestions, favors, or just need someone to talk to, don’t be afraid to email me,, or Facebook message me!

All Aboard the member(ship)!

Brooke Goldwasser