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Fall Boards/Freshman Kinnus

The convention that starts the CRUSY year off with a bang, Fall Boards and Freshman Kinnus is a convention for the newest members of USY, our freshmen, and our newest leaders of USY, the members of Chapter Boards across the region.  For the new freshmen, the weekend is filled with programs just for them to get them acquainted with CRUSY and each other, as well as giving everyone a taste of everything from home hospitality to amazing CRUSY Ruach.  As for the board members, the weekend is filled with leadership training, board meetings for individual positions, and a large group meeting for the “big decisions” such as where the TO (Tikkun Olam aka tzedakah money) will be sent at the end of the year.

If you’re on a chapter board (including general board) or if you’re a freshman in the class of 2016, this is a convention you will not want to miss!

Fall Kinnus

Usually the largest convention, Fall Kinnus is filled with first timers, an ideal convention for you to try CRUSY out. It is essentially a Shabbaton with the normal convention happenings- eating, praying, singing, dancing, learning, competitions, one night of home hospitality and a shul-in Saturday night.

Incorporating all of the special aspects of CRUSY that make USY memorable (Judaism, ruach, and friends to name just a few) in one easy-to-attend weekend, Fall Kinnus is the perfect time for you to connect with old friends and make new ones – all while having an unforgettable time!

International Convention

Join CRUSY and the rest of USY’s spectacular 16 regions (17 in total!) for a superb time! An annual convention bringing together all of United Synagogue Youth, International Convention (or IC as its fondly called) is an immense gathering of Jewish teens from all other America and Canada, coming together to celebrate Judaism and make friendships that will last long after the final buses have departed and the last planes have taken off.

Kadima Kinnus

This is the convention for middle school students. It is 6th, 7th, and 8th graders first taste of USY. It is also where the regional board and chapter presidents meet. They help teach middle school students about the wonders of CRUSY.  Each year, our region, CRUSY (Central Region United Synagogue Youth) holds an annual weekend convention, Kadima Kinnus (gathering) exclusively for 6th through 8th graders.

Our Kadima’niks will spend an enriching weekend in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with other pre-teens from around our CRUSY region. In addition to our middle school students, USY Chapter Presidents and the CRUSY Regional Board will join us to assist with leading programming and to share their enthusiasm. The weekend will include an enjoyable Shabbat experience with singing, learning and socializing. It is a time to make new Jewish friends in a safe, friendly and well supervised environment.  On Saturday after Shabbat, we will enjoy a fun social program.

Specialty Kinnus

Specialty Kinnus (gathering) is a convention focusing on social action and Israel affairs. Throughout the weekend, Jewish teens from around the Midwest will come together and volunteer around the city with their friends, participate in interactive Israel programs and games, and have tons of fun! Teens will meet new people and make lifelong friendships through this unique Jewish experience. The weekend will be topped off with a fantastic Saturday night program, including dancing, video games, and much more! Join us for a weekend filled with food, friends, and, of course, fun! Join us for a weekend filled with food, friends, and, of course, fun!

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Senior Retreat

Senior Retreat is a convention that focuses on one thing, the most important thing…its seniors! It’s a weekend just for the senior class to be with each other for one of their last times. This three-day convention offers the seniors time to be with only each other to bond and reminisce over their past years together. It’s going to be an AMAZING weekend filled with memories and a few surprises. All seniors should come and party for this once in a lifetime experience before they all graduate and have to leave each other. It’s a convention especially designed for them by them that no one is going to want to miss out on.

Regional Convention (Regionals)

This is the last convention of the year. Elections for the new executive board take place. This is THE place to meet new friends, have fun, and best of all be Jewish! At regional convention, there are study sessions which are very interesting and amazing activities planned by teens for teens. If you want to see what CRUSY is made of Regionals is it!

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8th Grade Kinnus

As an incoming USYer, you are invited to attend this amazing convention, which is being held along with CRUSY’s Regional Convention at Camp Wise.  You will have your own special programming as well as the opportunity to participate in many aspects of Regional Convention, CRUSY’s last convention of the program year.  Get ready to meet great people, see old friends and make new ones.  Be prepared for a wonderful Shabbat and a really fun filled Saturday night social. You won’t want to miss the fun!