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613 Mitzvot Corp – For just $6.13 (which goes to T.O. – see Tikun Olam) you can join the international Mitzvot club where you will receive special mailings.

Abraham Joshua Heschel Honor Society – An honor society for USYers who commit to standards of Judaic study, prayer and Gmilut Chassadim(community service)

Advisor – Adults who work with USY chapters and supervise chapter and regional events.

B’kol Echad – Literally, in one voice. This is the song booklet USY uses for ruach sessions, blessings after meals, and Z’mirot.

Bracha Achrona – The blessing said after eating cake, wine, or certain fruits.

Birkat Hamazon – The blessing recited after eating a meal with bread, thanking G-d for the food we have just eaten.

Benching – The prayer said after meals.

Chofesh – The Hebrew word for free time. At an event, Chofesh is a time to have fun with friends, catch up on old times, or just sleep!

Curfew – Some sort of time constraint that is supposed to be derived for our benefit, but not always viewed as such.

Communication VP (Comm) – This board position is in charge of making sure the chapter knows all information about lounge nights, events, and all news relating to the chapter.They update the website,create flyers, as well as communicating through facebook ad phone calls.

CRUSY– Central Region USY which includes Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, and the west half of Pennsylvania. This region is known for it loud, intense, and amazing fast ruach as well as its soft well harmonized slow ruach.

Dugma – Hebrew word used to mean “good example.”

Etgar – Pilgrimage #2 (See Pilgrimage). It is everything that you did not do your first time around. Whereas Pilgrimage focuses on Israel’s history, Etgar focuses on today and studies it through volunteer work, living with Israelis, and study of the country and its social classes.

Executive Board – A group of six USYers who were elected by the people for the people. It consists of President, Executive/Israeli Awareness Vice President, Religious/Education Vice President, Social Actions/Tikun Olam Vice President, Membership/Programming Vice President, and Communications Vice President.

Gmilut Chassadim– (community service)

Havdalah – The liter meaning is separation. Havdalah comes from the Hebrew word L’Havdil which means to separate. At the end of Shabbat we do Havdalah to separate the holiness of Shabbat from the regular week.

International Convention (IC) – Over 1,000 USYers from all 17 regions join together for five amazing days every year at the end of December. During this week, we will all engage in Social Action projects, icebreakers touring the host city, reunions with friends from the summer, night programs, dances, and International Executive Board elections. There is also either a Pre-Convention or Post-Convention program where our region joins one or two other regions for a smaller convention before or after the big event.

International Executive Board – 6 people are elected by USYers who attend international convention to run USY for a one year term. The 6 positions are: International president, Communications, Rel/ed, I/A, Mem/Kad, and SA/TO.

IGB (International General Board) – After international convention, USYers apply for one of many positions and are picked by the overseeing officer.

Israel Affairs VP (I/A) – one of 6 board positions who is in charge of updating the chapter, region, or all of USY on news about Israel. They are in charge of creating events and programs that involve learning about Israel’s culture, history, and current events.

Kabbalat Shabbat – A collection of psalms and poetry recited to welcome Shabbat.

Kadima – The pre-USY organization for sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

Kinnus – a home hospitality Shabbat- program held in local congregations from Friday afternoon until Sunday.

Kima – Kima is when USYer’s are woken up and are supposed to get ready to begin their day.

Listserver – A “Listserver” (also known just as a “ListServ” or “List”) is a system that allows USYers to be informed about current events, updates, and anything else that might be important.

Maariv – The evening service.

Macher – A big shot USYer, or past USYer.Membership and Kadima VP (Mem/Kad)- This position is in charge of recruiting new members for USY as well as strengthening the Kadima chapters. Its very important that a mem/kad promotes events as well as getting people excited and pumped up for events.

Musaf – The additional service following the Torah Service on Shabbat and Festivals

Mincha – The afternoon service

Nativ – Nativ is a unique program for those special USY graduates who demonstrate academic and leadership skills. It is a standard academic year from September to May. It is a year-long College Leadership Program for the Conservative Movement in Israel and you will receive college credit at most colleges and universities.

Parsha Play – A play done during the Saturday torah service where a group of USYers act out the weekly Parsha using comedy

Pesukei D’Zimra – A selection of psalms and passages from the Torah chosen precisely to increase the kavanah, or spiritual focus, of the one who is praying. We recite these psalms and passages before Shabbat morning Shacharit.

Pilgrimage – USY’s six week summer tour of Israel. Also Poland/Israel Pilgrimage, Eastern European Israel Seminar, and Spain/Israel Pilgrimage.

President– One of 6 board positions on a chapter, regional, or international executive board level. This position is in charge of overseeing that the rest of the board does their jobs as well as helping to plan events to run things more smoothly. Make sure the board is communicating and is making sure the est of the chapter knows information as well.

Peace Circle – At the end of conventions, all members hold hands, sing Shalom Chaverim, say goodbye to a wonderful weekend, and thank everyone who helped make the weekend happen.

Ruach – Literally, it means spirit. USYer’s gather together in big circles to show off their ruach, by singing traditional Hebrew songs after meals. Don’t worry if you don’t know the songs! They’re easy to learn, and you’ll catch on quickly when you hear everyone singing and teaching the songs.

RGB– Regional General Board – Selected by the Exec. Board (see Executive Board). These individuals assist the Exec. Board in running the Region in certain areas.

Religion Education VP (Rel/Ed) – This board position is in charge of planning creative teffillot (praying services) as well as teaching USYers service parts.

Shacharit – The morning service.

Shaliach – An Israeli sent from Israel to spread their love for the Jewish homeland to Jewish teens in America.

Sicha – It literally means a conversation. In USY, sichot are study groups usually made up of 15-20 USYers, which take place throughout the weekend. These sessions are designed to teach about educational aspects of the weekend’s theme, Israel, SATO, or Judaism.

Social Action Tikkun Olam VP (SA/TO) – this board member is in charge of collecting and raising money to donate to tzedakah through fun and interactive events and programs, as well as finding volunteer options for USYers.

Tikun Olam – The USY Tzedakah fund for “repairing the world”; money raised to be allocated to the Conservative movement, charities chosen by the Region and scholarships for USY summer programs.

USY Pilgrimage – An amazing USY summer trip! Travel to Israel (and possibly Poland, Spain, or Eastern Europe) for 4 to 6 weeks and become exposed to the history and contemporary realities of Judaism and Israel. You’ll climb the fortress of Masada, ride camels in the Negev, pray at the Kotel (?????) and drink tea in a Bedouin tent. You’ll experience the sights and sounds of the Jewish homeland with new friends and gain a new love for Israel.

USY– United Synagogue Youth. this youth group brings together Jewish teenagers from all over the United States and Canada to learn more about their connection to Judaism.

Wheels Classic – A six and a half week tour of the United States, with stops in Canada. An amazing experience!

Wheels East– a one month program only for incoming 9th graders to travel the east coast. this is an amazing trip to introduce kids into USY.

Wheels Pacific North West– this three week trip lets USyers travel the northwest of the United States and Canada. stops include Vancouver and Alaska.

Wheels Mission Mitzvah– this trip is a six week journey across America with the added bonus of volunteering and service learning.

WWW.USY.ORG – This website offers USYers full access to any information about this amazing youth group. This website includes a regional map, International convention information, summer program dates and prices, the international board, and so much more!

Z’mirot – Traditional songs sung at the Shabbat table before and after meals